Noah: An Obedient Disciple
Joseph Jannsen6/26/2024
Sarah: The Submitted Disciple
Keith Carey7/3/2024
Joy in Trials
Kevin Smith5/5/2024
Wisdom Through Faith
Kevin Smith5/12/2024
Heavenly or Earthly Riches?
Kevin Smith5/19/2024
The Nature of Temptation
Brian Early5/26/2024
Every Perfect Gift
Kevin Smith6/2/2024
Quick or Slow?
Kevin Smith6/9/2024
The Mirror of God's Word
Brian Early6/16/2024
Pure and Undefiled Religion
Clint Chappell6/23/2024
Godly Distinctions
Kevin Smith6/30/2024
Right Judgments & Mercy
Kevin Smith7/7/2024
A Joyful Partnership
Kevin Smith1/7/2024
A Joyful Process
Kevin Smith1/21/2024
A Joyful Perspective
Brian Early1/29/2024
Joy in Unity
Kevin Smith2/11/2024
Joyful Humility
Kevin Smith2/18/2024
Joy in Submission
Terry McNabb2/25/2024
A Joyful Example
Kevin Smith3/3/2024
Joy in the Lord
Kevin Smith3/10/2024
A Joyful Pursuit
Brian Early3/17/2024
A Joyful Focus
Kevin Smith4/7/2024
Joyful Contentment and Giving
Kevin Smith4/16/2024
Breakout Session: Prayer
Sue Carroll +15/18/2024
Breakout Session: Spiritual Battles
Sherilyn Sander5/18/2024
Breakout Session: Family Life
Leslie Bjornstedt5/18/2024
Session 3- Angela Nedelisky | Women's Retreat
Angela Nedelisky5/19/2024
Session 2- Sammantha Smith | Women's Retreat 2024
Samantha Smith5/18/2024
Session 1- Angela Brown | Women's Retreat 2024
Angela Brown5/17/2024
Acts 28:1-31 | Women's Bible Study | 4.25.24
Robyn Homleid4/25/2024
Acts 27:1-44 | Women's Bible Study | 4.18.24
Linda Gilbert4/18/2024
Acts 26:1-32 | Women's Bible Study | 4.11.24
Robyn Homleid4/11/2024
Acts 25:1-27 | Women's Bible Study | 4.4.24
Angela Brown4/4/2024
Acts 23:12-35 | Women's Bible Study | 3.14.24
Robyn Homleid3/14/2024
Acts 22:22-23:11 | Women's Bible Study | 3.7.24
Matthew 21:23-22:46 (Ray Curran)
Ray Curran7/30/2023
Law of Love
Bill James7/9/2023
Hope for the Future
Terry McNabb6/4/2023
Blessings as we Fear the Lord
Kevin Smith5/21/2023
Cry Out to God
Kevin Smith3/19/2023
Why Worry?
Pastor Doug Snow2/12/2023
Behold a New Thing (Jason Sanchez)
Jason Sanchez1/29/2023
Gospel Culture
Nathan Lasha1/22/2023
Agents For Christ (November 2022)
Dave Chaffee11/14/2022
1 Peter 1
Mike Carroll11/3/2022
Missionary Update with Bill James
Bill James6/23/2022
Preserving Unity
Kevin Smith5/15/2022